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Child Care & After School Programs in Richmond, TX

Kid's Resort has provided child care services in Richmond, TX since 2012. Our 7,000 sq. ft. facility offers school-aged children with the materials and activities they need to grow and learn. Our goal is create a place that feels less like a daycare, and more like a fun, comfortable place for kids to hang out with their friends, pursue their interests, and develop social skills. Our staff is dedicated to helping students succeed personally and academically.

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After School

Our after school programs, whether on an elementary school site or at Kid's Resort, provides each child with a snack and one hour of homework assistance for each grade level. The children are divided by grade levels so the young ones are not with the older kids and so they can interact with their peers. Each group has 45 minutes in the gym where they play games that help develop social skills, while encouraging collaboration within a group to accomplish a task or building their individual problem-solving skills through supervised activities.

Weather permitting, each group will also spend 45 minutes in supervised activities outdoors. Some of their time will be organized and some will be child's selection. In addition, 45 minutes of child-selected activities are included in our after school programs. These activities include, but are not limited to, arts, science, board games, manipulatives, and card games.

After school care is provided at Kid’s Resort for the following schools: Williams, Velasquez, Thomas, Arredondo, Reading Jr. High. Before school care is provided for the above schools including Campbell and Dickinson. After school care is provided on the campuses of Adolphus, Campbell, Dickinson, Meyer, Taylor Ray, Thomas, Williams by our sister company, Tiny Steps Educational Center.

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Our art room is an artist's dream. We have every type of material for your child to express their artistic abilities. Supplies include: paint, colors, beads, sand, model clay, wooden shapes, glitter, and more. We display the kid's arts and craft projects throughout the room, so other kids and parents can admire them. For those who would like to create large pictures or collaborate with friends, we have a standup chalkboard, easel and dry erase board available. The couch nestled under a window is the perfect spot to sit and relax, sketch, or share a conversation with a friend.

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Game Room

Kid's Resort game room is a big kid’s play area. It has arcade machines and an Xbox, and the kids love the thrill and challenges it brings. For PSP and Game Boy enthusiasts, we have a super large bean bag for their enjoyment. A foosball table allows kids to work as a team and face a challenge. Among our most popular games are Zumba Fitness, Wipe Out, racing, and dancing.

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Our gym area is full of activities to keep kids physically fit. With a basketball hoop, volleyball net, rock wall, and a variety of sports equipment, there is enough to keep your child moving. Our large gym allows us to play games that enhance motor skills. Some our most popular games include: scarf tag, scooter relays, balloons, and bean bags. To motivate kids to exercise, we use a projector to do fitness videos. On Fun Fridays, our gym converts into a movie theatre where the kids enjoy movies and popcorn.

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As part of our dedication to helping your child grow personally and academically, we make homework a top priority. We want to ensure homework is complete and accurate, while keeping you informed if your child is having difficulty. As part of our after school programs, each grade level and group receives an hour of homework help.

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Our outdoor areas consists of a bike trail that converts into a remote control car race track on Thursdays. For kids with a green thumb and love of nature, we have a veggie garden and butterfly garden. Our playground is encompassed by hills the children can climb and roll down, as well as slides. Our large deck sits under a beautiful shading tree. It is the perfect spot to enjoy lunch, snack, and many other fun activities in the shade. Our great outdoor space also has a large area for football, baseball, soccer, kickball, and other fun activities. It is a great space to spend Fab Fridays playing Fear Factor, Minute to Win It, and Water Fun.

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The science room at Kid's Resort is like no other. Your child will assist in taking care of our red fire belly frogs and bearded dragon. They can actively observe their habitat and daily growth. For the child quick at hand, we have a light wall to enhance your child's eye-hand coordination, as well as many building manipulatives to help develop spatial perception and math skills. We conduct various science experiments weekly to encourage a love for science.

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Summer Camp

Our summer camp programs will keep your child busy and send them home with exciting stories and things to talk about. From our weekly field trips to exploring the outdoors with our animals, and many activities in between, your child will be excited and ready for the next day. Some of our summer camp activities include: cooking, woodworking, science experiments, developing videos, and much more.

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Are They There Yet?

Are They There Yet? is to help your child get to their designated extra-curricular activities in the evening. Monday thru Friday we will take your child to their designated activities and release them into the care of the coach. Parents will be responsible for picking their child up at the designated time. This program does require signing up in advance and is limited to a 10 mile radius.

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After School Programs & Child Care in Richmond, TX You Can Count On

Kid's Resort is proud to provide children and their families with quality after school and child care services in Richmond, TX and beyond. Our goal is to encourage students to pursue their interests, make new friends, and excel both personally and academically.

In addition to our after school programs, we also offer a range of special events including Parent's Night Out and birthday parties, as well as transportation services take your child to their designated extracurricular activities.

For more information about enrollment in our programs, including after school and summer camps, please give us a call at 281-762-8469, or fill out a contact form.

We look forward to meeting you and your child!