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Preschool, Daycare, and After School Program Enrollment

Since 2012, Kid's Resort has provided after school child care and summer camp programs in Richmond, TX. Our facility serves school-aged children with a variety of programs that help them foster creativity, as well as personal and academic skills. Our goal is provide our students with a place they like to hang out and learn in, and one that enhances or encourage their interests.

Please note: The Enrollment Form and Parent Handbook Signature page must be completed and returned before you child can attend our programs.

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Parent Handbook Photo Release Form Medical Forms Credit Card Payments Summer Camp Enrollment Field Trips Tiny Steps Enrollment

Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook is written for the safety of your child and the efficiency of how our program operates. Please read our policies which also includes all state mandated information for parents. This handbook addresses each line on the enrollment form.

After reading through the handbook, please download, print and sign the Parent Handbook Signature Form. This form must be completed and returned with the Enrollment form before your child can attend our programs.

Parent Handbook
Download Our Parent Handbook Signature Form

Photo Release Form

We will be taking pictures throughout the year for advertising in paper publications as well as our website. If it is okay for us to have unlimited or limited use of photos of your child, please download and fill out the form below.

Limited Personal Release Agreement

Medical Forms

Child Care Licensing (TDPRS), Kid’s Resort and Tiny Steps Educational Center wants to ensure that all children with medical conditions are properly taken care of. We have listed the most common forms that we use, but if your child has a medical condition that does not fit into our forms, please call us so that we can provide you with one that better suits your child needs.

Providing us with information about your child's medical conditions at enrollment gives us time to review the information, educate the staff, and ask questions, so you know your child's medical conditions are understood by our staff and open communication can be established.

Severe Allergies – Parent Form


Severe Allergies Parent Form PDF

Severe Allergies – Doctor Form


Severe Allergies Doctor Form


Download Special Care Plan for a Child with Asthma

Download Form

Food Allergy / EPI PEN

Food Allergy Action Plan

Download Form

Epilepsy / Seizures

Questionnaire for Parents of a Child with Epilepsy / Seizures

Download Form


ALL medication must be approved by the director before we can administer to your child. ALL medication must be in a properly labeled container.

    The label MUST include child’s full name, medication name, dosage and date medication was brought in.

  • We CAN NOT give prescription medication with another person’s name on it.
  • We MUST have doctor approval for medication not meeting child’s age and weight.
  • ALL medication must be kept with staff. This includes inhalers.
  • Medicine Form must be turned in before or with the medication.
Download Our Medication Form

Credit Card Payments

Parents have the opportunity to turn in a credit card form at anytime. By turning in this form, the parent authorizes Tiny Steps Educational Center and/or Kid’s Resort to charge the monthly tuition on the last Friday of each month for the upcoming month their child is enrolled in.

Download Our Credit Card Form

Summer Camp Enrollment

Summer Camp Rate Sheet

Field Trips

Parents must fill out a Field Trip Permission form for their child to attend any field trips. Field trips are during Spring Break and the summer months of June, July, and August.

Download Our Field Trip Release Form

Tiny Steps Enrollment

Download the Tiny Steps Parent Handbook
Download the Tiny Steps Enrollment Form